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Computer Systems

We build computer systems to budget or specification. All components are sourced from reputable channel distributors so you can be assured that warranties, if needed, will be implemented in a timely manner. Our systems are built from parts recognised within the industry for their reliability and performance, so that you get the best there is and, as Microsoft System Builders we ensure that your Windows operating system is installed and configured ready for you to use.

If you don't need a full system, we can build a system unit to meet your needs and ensure that it is completely compatible with your existing hardware.

You can also take advantage of our, "Box Only" upgrades, this can transform your current system, by utilising your existing Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Hard drive, CD ROM/RW and Operating System you can have an up to date PC for a fraction of the price of a new computer.

Please call us for free advice in choosing a suitable upgrade path for your business or home computer equipment. Prices start from as low as $265.00

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